The Mindful Muse OK welcomes creatives of all types to tap into their purpose and passion for living a creative life. Our intention is to honor each person’s creative identity through mindfulness, reflection, connection, and dialogue.

What makes our retreat different is its celebration of the creative identity and focus on process rather than product.


We incorporate mindfulness experiences and concepts that spark imagination and build connection with retreat participants.

And we structure our retreats to be inviting for all.


Guests have included writers, artists, musicians, dancers, actors, interior designers, entrepreneurs, podcasters, bloggers, and the creatively curious.

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Bring your creativity to life at The Mindful Muse 2022: Thriving & Flourishing!

This unique retreat is a peaceful day to recharge the creative spirit and inspire your muse to come out and play.

Experiential mini-workshops led by Life Coach Charles Gosset, PCC, and Psychologist Lisa L. Marotta, Ph.D., will give you powerful new tools to recharge your mojo.

You can look forward to great information, a beautiful location, and plenty of experiences to stretch your imagination.

Workshop topics include:

• The Art of Flourishing
• Cultivating a Creative Lifestyle
• The Science of Hope
• Thriving with Purpose

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