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The 2021 OWFI Virtual Conference

Join us as we co-lead two sessions meant to serve as “mini retreats.”Recharge your creative spirit and inspire your muse to come out and play. Choose one, or both, to give yourself a brain break and refresh your resolve to enjoy the act of creating again.


• Mindfulness for Creatives and Taming the Inner Critic

Clear the mental clutter that stops you in your tracks, and kick that inner critic to the curb! This spirited workshop will add Zen to your writing routine and peace to your self-talk.

• Creating Space for Writing and Self-Care for Creatives

Intentionally design a hospitable place and time for your writing lifestyle, and develop a self-care routine to keep you creating through the ups and downs! This inspiring workshop will boost your creativity superpowers and help you take care of what matters most – YOU.

Conference Details:

April 29, 30, and May 1

Virtual (via Zoom)


Full schedule of events www.owfi.org/conference2021/schedule


Learn more and register at www.owfi.org/conference2021

Oklahoma, U.S.

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